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        Electricity is being used for more things everyday. Now it powers your car, computer, phone, heat, a/c, hot water, cooking, cleaning, and much more. When the power goes out we all know how it affects your life and everything you do. Keeping the power on is one problem solved by equipment such as generators or battery banks, but more important is keeping your electrical system in good running condition. Keeping your electrical system in good running condition requires work on different things at different times before they go bad.

        When electrical equipment goes bad it may cost more to repair, cause damage to your home, cause damage to equipment plugged into the system, cause power outages, and worst of all fires. Proper installation will reduce the chance of unwanted events, but wear and tear over time will increase the risks. Everything on an electrical system has a life span. Every object has a different life span length based on what the object is, how it is used, installed, and maintained, as well as how old it is. One switch in your home may last 100 years if everything is perfect. Most may start going bad around 30 years. Your outlets are the same way. It is highly recommended to replace these items sooner rather then later to prevent electrical equipment from going bad. 



          Surge protection is a key component in keeping all of the electronic devices in your house safe. A surge protectors main job is to limit the peak voltage that can enter your electrical system. There are three stages of protection. Stage one goes on the meter, stage two goes in the panel, and stage 3 is normally a type of outlet. You need all three stages to be fully protected. For example, a new A/C system will require its own stage 2 or 3 protection. There is also surge protection for your cable line coming into your house. A high voltage back feed on the cable line can destroy all of your hard wired devices if they are left unprotected. 


        Some of these surge protectors also limit unwanted noise on the electrical system. Have you ever heard buzzing coming from a speaker? LED lighting, florescent lighting, and electronic devices can emit this noise as well. An appropriate surge protector can eliminate this annoyance. Computers are recommended to be put on a backup ups system with true sin wave technology. Surge protection increases the life of electronic devices and even provides a certain amount of insurance coverage on connected devices. Most surge protectors come with warranties that cover up to tens of thousands of dollars.    





           There are many new types of devices out there to make your life more convenient. There are new systems that allow electrical outlets, lighting, and everything in between to be controlled wirelessly from your smart phone. Turn lights on and off, view live footage from your security cameras, even lock or unlock your doors with your smart phone anytime you’re away from your home. Some available lights can even change color or play music! The possibilities are endless! For added convenience, many devices can be controlled by Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. While this is not a necessity for most homes, who doesn’t enjoy making life easier? Many of these devices make great gift ideas for those tech-savvy relatives and friends!


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